About Us

Edgemont Insurance Agencies, a division of Pro-Vision Insurance Brokers Ltd. is an authorized insurance broker serving the North Shore area. We've established edgemontinsurance.com as a preliminary source of information on home insurance policies. In the end, it is our qualified and knowledgeable agents who will assist you with your inquiries and complete the process. It's all part of our efforts to provide quality service, reliable support, and most of all, greater convenience.

In BC, insurance is regulated. The Insurance Council of BC also serves as a regulatory body to protect the public and provides a framework for insurance agents to act accordingly. As a member of the Insurance Broker's Association of BC (IBABC), Edgemont Insurance adheres to the highest standards of service and professional conduct. As a broker, we work in your best interest. We also ensure that you are given the best advice, proper care and instruction, and competitive pricing and products. When you buy from us, you can buy with the utmost confidence. Our steadfast commitment to delivering impeccable service makes it all worthwhile. That's the value of dealing with a broker, the value of dealing with Edgemont Insurance.

Edgemont Insurance understands that it's about more than protecting your home. It's about protecting you, which means building trust as your broker. Dedicated to developing a lasting relationship with you, we take the time to not only assess, but also recognize your needs. Developing a deeper insight means less frustration, quicker solutions, and more satisfaction. Simply put, our responsibility to you doesn't just end with the sale.

Member of the Insurance Broker's Assocation of BC